can provide you rock-solid short sale live transfer leads. Bulk short sale leads, real-time short sale leads, short-sale paper leads, and short-sale real-time phone transfers match your exact financial requirements. Short Sale Real-Time Transfer Leads will allow you to reach potential clients who are currently in default on their mortgages for 30 days, or potential clients who are having difficulty paying their mortgages because they want to sell short instead of defaulting on their mortgages. Lead Customer Service will prequalify, verify and verify your leads so you can focus on the professional areas of completing transactions and making money! 

Short Sale Live Transfers

We provide a complete solution for all your lead inquiries via direct transfer leads, appointment booking leads, on-call verified leads, real-time leads, direct leads, and bulk leads. We can be your one-stop shop for overseas sales and telemarketing, backend solutions, courteous and efficient customer service, software and technical support, and all other advertising projects. is a great resource for short-term prospects. Short sales are extremely difficult to create for several reasons.

  1. It does not matter logically that homeowners will try to hang on to their home before giving up and committing to sell and
  2. Short sales are usually done in a very small area by local real estate agents who conduct geographic and more difficult prospecting campaigns.

Internet short-selling leads

Internet short-selling leads are developed using email and localized pay-per-click campaigns. They are sent in real-time exclusively by e-mail or CRM if applicable. Homeowners who have gotten to the point of avoiding foreclosure and starting over, filling out online forms, and asking for help are great opportunities for short-selling professionals.

Custom direct transfer campaigns for short sales use call centers across the country to develop hot transfers for short-selling real estate agents. Instead of letting the real estate agent do all the searching, this job is left to the transfer of agents that will generate interest, verify the agreed-upon basic qualifications, and express your wishes. you when talking a little more directly with the short-selling agent. In this case, real estate agents talk to owners who know what they are talking about specifically about a short sale. This is possibly the best lead available in the short-selling industry, right after being referred.

Personalized direct mail campaigns for short-selling real estate agents can be very effective. Since it is possible to send emails to homeowners who have an archive of default notices and trustee sales date notices, short-selling real estate agents can rest assured that they can market to homeowners who need help and have a local headquarters. Direct mail marketing campaigns always generate the highest quality calls on the market. The only thing you cannot control is how many people respond. It is important to note that homeowners often exhaust all resources before agreeing to short-sell, but if they like mail, people usually put them aside. The result may be that the homeowner is denied relief due to loan modification or downgrade, and does not want to follow the foreclosure sale date and eviction delay, and call the number listed in the email. Because now you think it is best to sell the house. This is very useful for short-selling real estate agents and will result in a higher percentage of calls.